Data Usage & Disclaimer – November 2018

  1. The information we collect from you is to solely provide you with service. We do not distribute or sell your personal information or order records for financial gain.

  2. We reserve the right to cancel or modify orders at any time but will notify you.

  3. Orders which have been voided are not available on our website and information is only available via email or phone call.

  4. Website components, scripts, documents, graphics[other than user generated content] is property of 3D Printing Mage and our affiliates. Distribution of said content is prohibited without written consent.

  5. Images in which [you, or another party] choose to upload are used solely for order processing and fabrication. After order completion the images may be deleted within a time window of two months to save disk space for others’ orders.

  6. 3D Printing Mage specialises in 3D printing and large photocopying jobs. In order to complete some of these jobs, we must collect information from the customer via our website or by phone. This information held confidential, other customers are unable to see this information and it is only available to the customer and authorised staff members.

  7. In the event of accidental disclosure of confidential information from a customer we will discretely dispose of the data upon notice. If you are doing payments online or via phone call outside of PayPal, this information is securely discarded after it has been processed.

  8. The customer can find their order information on their account page. Order information is updated by staff when its status changes. The customer is emailed or called when their order has been completed. Once the order has been completed, the customer will no longer receive emails regarding the corresponding order confirmation number. If you think an error has occurred whilst in this process please contact us.

  9. The customer is required to have an account to place and view their orders. The account is required for staff to keep track of which orders belong to which accounts, as well as update and/or modify order information.